Bike, baskets and birds

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that I have given away or put into storage everything I own, apart from what I can fit on my pushbike and trailer, and am leaving city life behind to live in a tent on Kangaroo Island. I have been raving on about my feral dream to people forever, boring them no doubt, but at last the moment has arrived. 2012 has been intense. On top of being the busiest work year in my career, my 20-year relationship came to an end, and my amazing daughter gave new meaning to hard study, just graduating from high school with one of the top marks in the state. I also have a wonderful new partner in my life, an amazing woman and stunning artist Ky Alecto; an exciting new chapter to my blessed life begins.

My amazing daughter Amelia (circled) makes front page of the paper with the other top students.

A life intertwined with nature has been calling me for years; there’s a Kangaroo Island photographic bird book just dying to happen and my closet musician and amateur basket weaver are busting to have their moments in the sun. Natural basket weaving has been my obsession for the last 12 months. I watched a few video clips on-line, did a little course, but have been basically sitting and weaving baskets with all sorts of materiel’s throughout the year, making lots of mistakes and just learning as I go. Over a hundred little baskets have come together in my hands, to be given away or just left where they were made, and they are just starting to get interesting.

Some examples of my baskets made this year.

From now on this blog will incorporate my basket weaving, Kangaroo Island bird photography as well as my ongoing work as a stills photographer in the film industry. I do expect to lose a few customers.